Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Blogging....

I'd intended to blog more with my phone, but there were so many limitations, I gave up after the first entry. Now, though, my sister and I have a laptop and internet, so I can get back to my usual chatty self and catch up on my blogroll.

We've finally moved, so now here we are in Southern Arizona (the picture to the left is from down the street) living in campers in my Aunt's backyard. It's good to be away from my Evil Stepfather and all the reasons we left, but I miss everyone I left behind like crazy! Also, as the seasons start changing to fall, I'm missing the chill in the air, the smell of smoke from everyone's woodstoves, the leaves changing color, harvesting the garden, and all the fun I have with my friends in the winter (everyone travels a lot in the summer, so we're rarely all home at once), and when winter comes this year, I'll miss the snow.

Here, the climate is a lot different. In October there, you can look forward to frost and leaves on the ground. Here, October is when the weather becomes perfect, not too hot, not too cold. There, you have cold weather and four seasons. Here, you've got two seasons: unbearably hot and temperate. The leaves don't fall off until December and spring comes in February. And it snows something like once every five years.

Ironically enough, it's a lot greener here, even though technically this is the desert, not there. Thing is, here is a "major agricultural center" kind of thing, located in a river valley, while where I used to live is more of a "gateway to the nat'l parks" thing. In closing, here's a slideshow of my new home.