Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Three Reasons to Homestead

I don't want to scare anybody stiff, and these videos are disturbing. The first one is less than eight minutes long, but the other two are around an hour each, though well worth the watch. While I don't agree with them that stocking up on gold and silver is THE answer to surviving political unrest and the dollar's dive, I do think they have a point. Hedge your bets a little, learn to grow your own food. I watched all the videos in one sitting, but I definitely don't recommend it.

Reason #1: What if the dollar completely tanks? 

Reason #2: The economy is not healing like they tell us it is.

Reason #3: America is no longer the land of the free. When people get tired of dealing with a 1985 government (and by 1985, I mean the book, not the year), how is that unrest going to affect you?


Monday, April 2, 2012

Every Now and Then I Go Window Shopping for Farms...

I am so not in a place to be able to actually buy one, so I don't know why I do it. I haven't posted in probably a year because, well, there hasn't been much to post about. Right now I'm going to school (can't buy a farm without money, can't get money without something to trade for it...) and living in this massive student housing apartment complex. Which is mostly just depressing, but hey, you do what ya gotta do to get where ya need to go.

Now that I have a computer again, I'm catching up on all the blogs I follow (which is taking forever since I've been distracted with life for a LONG time...) which just makes me wish I could be on some land already. So to soothe my frustration (or maybe I'm feeding it, who knows?) I get on Lands of America, pick a state and some search parameters (acreage, county, price, etc) and then I go and drool over all the beautiful farms up for sale that I'm too broke to buy.

Like this one

83 acres in southwestern Colorado with a house, orchard and fields already established....mmm