Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Green Meme #3


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Green Meme #3
  1. Are you keeping your temperature (heating/cooling) systems on low? If you have radiators are they fitted with thermostats?
    Yeah. We keep the thermostat on about 68. I don't even have my heater on ever now that it's stopped snowing and we're into that part of the winter where it feels like warm even though it's January.
  2. If yes to the above, what do you to keep warm/cool without resorting to turning up those numbers? Just open a window.
  3. Do you turn your fridge temperature down when it has less items in it? No. We keep it down a little, though.
  4. Do you unplug unused small appliances? Yes. We keep them in the cupboard and only plug them in when we use them. Except the blender.
  5. Do you switch off rather than leave on standby; TV/computer/DVD player/etc? Yes, we do. The computer plugs into a switch we turn off but the TV and DVD player just plug into the wall. And the keyboard.
  6. Do you own (or will you purchase in the future) energy-efficient (star-rated) home appliances? All our appliances are brand new. I don't think we'll be buying anything new soon.
  7. Do you have any green goals/hopes for the next few months? Not really. I've got other goals that take precedence.
I'm sick of tagging people. So if anyone bothers to read this (i.e., you) and decides they want to be tagged...well I tagged you even if you didn't know it.

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