Thursday, January 7, 2010

So Is This My Lucky Day...Life...Place?

Things have been strange today. Everything has been exactly right for me. A lot of it are just little things like just as I reached the corner and pushed the button for the crosswalk, it immediately turned to "WALK" as soon as I pushed the button. Or at the buffet we went to for lunch today and as soon as I finished my last bite of food, the waitress would be right there to take my plate away.

Then, when we went out to the car, my door was unlocked even though all the doors had been automatically locked. Or yesterday when my little sister and I went on a walk and just happened to walk behind the motel just as my mother opened the door to see if we were out there because the pizza had just come. And today when my little sister and I went on another walk, they called my cell and I didn't hear, but we walked into the motel parking lot just as they'd gotten in the car to go get ice cream.

The whole time we've been down here, everything has just been working out to perfection. It just makes me want to be here that much more because it feels like my lucky year. The last few years have kinda sucked in a really bad way, but they're getting so much better!

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