Thursday, June 18, 2009

American Way Farm

I found yet another blog. I have found a bunch of blogs that are only a few months older than mine. Because of that, I have under a year's worth of blog entries and I can catch up in a day. Of course if I wanted, I could just read the ones on the front page, but I think that you miss so much that way.

This new one is called American Way Farm. It's written by Sandy, who lives in New Hampshire with her husband and grandson and a menagerie of animals. The main reason I started reading was because they use LGDs (Livestock Guardian Dogs) and the other blogs I read don't have any of that. But that's not the only reason I read it. It's also very interesting.


~Tonia said...

Hey I read your comment on my blog and came back to visit yours.. I dont know if you have heard of this man Joel Salatin but he is worth reading about and his farms Polyface farms.This is the blog addy but there is also a website. He has wrote several books.
I had the privilige of listening to him last fall and it was very interesting and not impossible what he proposes to do. He has extensive farms now and they do interns and teach others what they do..
As for the Nais and more farming look up Walter Jefferies. Very interesting!
I will have to come back and read your blog and will be adding you to my list!

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

Hey Gemini, thanks for the mention on your blog and for all the wonderful comments as you've gone through my past posts. Yup, I've been LDS since my early 20s. Can't imagine how different my life would have turned been if I hadn't accepted the gospel and raised my kids with the knowledge of who they are and what their potential is. And it's nice to meet other LDS folks, especially young people. You are our future. Stay close, stay strong. You can do it.