Friday, June 19, 2009

The Simple Life

I've been on a blogging kick lately, but fear not! After a bit I won't feel like blogging and you won't hear from me for weeks, and just when you think I've died, I'll post three entries an hour for a week straight! :P

Anyways, so I found another blog, worthy of mention in this lovely jabber-fest that is my blog LOL. It's called "The Simple Life" and it is written by a lady named ~Tonia (ever wonder why all the blogs I read are written by women? I actually don't know if it's a man or a woman who posts on ehagart, but that doesn't count).

When I read blogs, I generally start from Entry #1, and then read my way forward, a month at a time. When I first start reading The Simple Life, they were living on a farm they managed. Now, though, they're moving to a place of their own that (acreage-wise) is a bit smaller. In the family there's Tonia, her hubby, her three daughters (the younger two are twins). They mainly have goats and chickens.

My favorite thing about the blog are all the pictures she posts.


~Tonia said...

Ahhh Thanks so much!! I understand about the blogging fever.. I will go a week or 2 with out blogging and then have all kinds of things to blog about..

Mount Belly Mama said...

Oh! I love her blog too! I've been following her for quite a while.

So far, I've managed to do about 2-3 blogs a week. But I have a feeling once the baby is here - it will become much more like your style. lol.