Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rant. No Need to Read.

Warning: Rant follows

There is really very little that pisses me off, but those things that do are big. I have always heard that we don't own the world, we borrow it from our children. I'm down with that. It makes a lot of sense. I try to live my life so as to leave an inheritance to my children and grandchildren that includes a clean world, a government in its proper role, and every other good thing that I can leave them.....well, at least the things that matter.

What bothers me are those who forget about the future and live their lives in such a way that there will be nothing left for future generations. The worst is, I'm not sure there will be anything left when I come of age. How am I supposed to use my lifetime to improve the world if I have to fix it because of the terrible things my parents' and grandparents' generations have done to it? I'm not trying to blame anyone, it just makes me so mad that people are tearing the world apart without a second thought to their children and grandchildren who will have to lie in the bed their forefathers made?

Lets take this issue a bit at a time. First there is the environment in general. Where I live, people dump their garbage, not at the landfill (which is bad enough), but on BLM and privately owned land that has been kept wild. The roads are littered with garbage, mainly beer cans and plastic...although I once found poker chips. Some of us try to clean the roads near our homes, but as long as others continue to throw trash out their windows, there will be no solutions.

We, as a nation, continue to live narrow-minded consumer life with consumer tunnel vision. I can rant all day about this, but I have found other places that say it better. The first is The Story of Stuff. It's a documentary about where our stuff comes and where it goes when we have finished with it. It's a bit on the long side (around twenty minutes, if I remember correctly), but worth every minute. You can click on the link in the sidebar, or you can find it here. The other source is an article by Sherri Dixon called "Drawing a Circle in the Sand." You can find it here.

The next item on the agenda for this rant is NAIS. I have been reading blogs on her for awhile, and I have heard it mentioned on many of the different blogger communities I frequent. On one such blog, I found this article. It just makes me mad all over again. The worst is, I won't be old enough to vote until January because I'm only seventeen. I can raise awareness by talking about it and I can sign petitions, but should a law ever come around in the next few months needing voting on, I can't and it makes me feel helpless. At the very least, the article did cheer me up a little when it mentioned that Arizona, Missouri, Nebraska and Kentucky have already made some laws to hinder/outlaw it on a state level. That leaves only forty-six states that need to follow suit. :\ Here are some helpful sites on the subject:
And then there's government. We are a republic. The purpose of a republic is to guarantee the basic rights. We seem to have forgotten the proper role of government. Couldn't we have learned anything from Rome? This video explains everything better than I can:

And this video kinda sums up the political rant:

The thing that bothers me most, I guess, is that on one side we have the people who want to live better, preserve freedom, take care of the earth, etc, and on the other side we have the people who don't know or care what happens to those left behind after they die.

That's all I have to say for the moment

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