Sunday, November 16, 2008 and Sherri Dixon

So today I've been looking around on for updates since I've last been on the site. There are only a few new articles but that's okay because this site has literally dozens of other articles on everything from goats to gardens to "we did it" stories. My favorite author on there is probably Sherri Dixon. She has a sense of humor that I love. Look at these articles by her: The Unsung Benefits of Homesteading, The Unexpected Menace, Barn Cats, Keeping the Homestead Dream Alive, Paying Attention, Drawing a Circle in the Sand: Teaching Awareness to a Consumer Society, Hair-Raising Homestead Haircuts, (Living in the Sticks) and the Single Girl, Acronyms to Live By, and Livestock Guard Dogs.

Other Articles by Sherri Dixon: Don't Quit Your Day Job, Black Thumb: Helpful Hints for the Cultivationally Challenged, Raising Chickens from Scratch, Homeschooling for Homesteaders, Natural Building Colloquium, Gotta Get Ger, Farm Dogs: See Spot Work, Successful Transplants: Uprooting Your Urban Offspring, The Importance of Being Surveyed, In Defense of the Weedlot, Mice: Scourge of the Homestead, Using a Midwife, Dairy Goats, For Sale By Owner; Needs a Little Work, Earth Stewardship 101: Part 1-Part 2, and Cutting the Utilical Cord: Part 1-Part 2-Part 3.

Other Helpful Articles: "The Ideal Country Home" by Gene Gerue.

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