Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving Stove

Well my mom removed some of the rust on the stove and then gave up and applied the blacking. Most of the stove is fine except that around the chimney there is still a lot of rust and it looks very yuck. It doesn't help, I guess that my mom is the antonym of "perfectionist" and I could almost be the synonym for "perfectionist."

Thanksgiving is coming up. Every year each of us children take turns cooking Thanksgiving Dinner (when we were younger, we had a little help from mom). This year it's my sister's turn. And so of course she gets to cook. Every year it was her turn she would start to cook but then would run off and abandon the meal before the turkey was even warm. My mother would then be left to cook by herself and so she would enlist me and together we would finish the meal. This year (after slaughtering tradition; she got a ham instead of a turkey!), she announced that all she was supposed to do was plan the menu and that we were the ones that would cook. Excuse me?! So now that she has abandoned even a pretense of responsibility, my mother will now be cooking. And that most likely means pie with no sugar.... :*(

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