Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Horse Grooming

So Friday, I went over to my frienemy's house. She has two horses (mustangs) and a mule named Orville (as in Orville Redenbacher--did I spell that right?--Popcorn). The mule wouldn't let Jessica catch him so we just groomed the horses. First we groomed the buckskin. I can't remember his name but it's a type of beer (her parents are like that). He's a little skittish and so I walked him around in a circle while Blondie (that's her nickname and it annoys her lol) moved a pile of wire left over from when they were putting up the fences. They had these two horse-brushes (can't remember what they're called), but one got lost and somebody left the other one out so Blondie got out this...thing...that she hoped was a horse-brush. And then there was a thing for the mane (how come I can't remember any names today?!). We took turns brushing the body and the mane. We didn't the best we could with the horse being a little nervous about being touched. Then we returned whatzisname (starts with a 'P') to his corral.

Blondie tried to catch Orville (the mule) so we could groom him. No success. So then we went on to the other horse. He had just been given to them a few days earlier. A family friend didn't have any money to feed him, so he gave him to them. Blondie named him Sasparilla. It doesn't fit at all. But then neither does "Cocoa" which is what her little sisters named him. He's a handsome guy although he's not very tall (maybe 11 hands) and his ribs are showing. He's got a shaggy black mane (or he did before Blondie took it upon herself to cut his hair). He's very well-behaved and enjoyed the attention he was getting.

Now I have to rant: Why does Blondie pretend she knows more about horses than she actually does? Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but the only correct terms I've heard for how a horse moves are: walk, trot, canter/lope, and gallop (and a couple of times I have heard "jog"). Well Blondie is trying to sound smart to some people, and she starts talking about "running her horse." Of course, I jump in and tell her you can't run a horse (and I mean it in two different ways). So she says yes you can and eventually reveals that this is the term for how a horse moves when you go faster then a gallop. WTF??? Yeah. And my other complaint: when we groomed her horses, she didn't bother to comb out the horses' tails or to clean their hooves.

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