Monday, February 9, 2009

Dancing in A Field of Tansy

When I caught up with "A Homesteading Neophyte," I went in search of new blogs that had quality content. I had to get my fix, you see. lol

That's when I found "Dancing in a Field of Tansy." I caught up on that one faster because there are not so many posts. She is artistic and crafty from what I've seen, and she has goats. I like goats. I grew up on goats' milk from our very own French Alpine/Saanen crosses. Some of them were nasty, some of them were gentle but didn't know how to nurse babies, so we fed her kids with a couple of calf bottles and kept them in a box in our living room. Some of them died. We ate some. As a child, I would sit on my parents' bed under the cooler where I couldn't hear anything. Then, after it was done, I came out and watched them bleed the goat. They hung it on a ginormous mesquite tree we parked our van under.

One goat got her horns stuck in the chainlink fence, crying for her mama. We didn't get to her fast enough (and nobody called a vet after the fact), so she went through the rest of her life with her nick twisted sideways.

But I'm off topic again...Tansy has goats, yes, and I like goats.

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