Monday, February 9, 2009

A New Tradition; A Homesteading Neophyte

I have decided to do a "Blog of the Week" type of thing. Except I'm not reliable enough to make sure I post about a blog I like each week. So instead I am going to post about blogs that interest me whenever it occurs to me to do so. It's kind of the way I live my life. Do it when it occurs to me and hope it occurs to me.

Today I am posting about the very first homesteading blog I ever discovered. I found it last summer. After I read thirty years worth of back issues from Mother Earth News and wanted to know how people homesteaded now (rather than in the seventies and eighties). Well, I googled all sorts of phrases, trying to find the one that would hit the jackpot. "Rural Living" was out "Country Living" brought up another blank. Phrase after phrase, I searched; using every phrase I could think of that would describe what I was looking for. Finally, I found the right one: "homesteading." Bingo! And best of all, I discovered there were blogs that were worth the space they took up in cyberspace. Homesteading blogs. Until then I had only found dumb ones written by dumb kids who wanted to tell the world about their alcohol addictions and how they cut though anyone cared.

Well, I found Phelan's "A Homesteading Neophyte" and, starting from her first post ever, I read all the years of experience buried deep in the archives. It was like reading a good book that never ended. And better yet, it's happening now instead of 1979 or 1983 or 1995. That's something that's important, that it's possible now.


Phelan said...

I am honord to be your first homesteading blog. Thank you for the praise. And I am glad you have found so many other's. Gina is great.

Gemini said...

You're very welcome. :)